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Elden Ring George RR Martin’s Game Confirmed, First Trailer Released

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The rumors were true and the new game of FromSoftware and George RR Martin, the famous writer of The Chronicles of Ice and Fire, was presented. Let’s talk about Elden Ring, a title inspired by the Celtic culture. The video didn’t allow us, as is obvious enough, to see some gameplay, but it immediately struck us for its unique style. The union of Martin’s narrative skills and creativity in the creation of a great world of profound has a great impact.

FromSoftware is famous for having created so many new IPs all voted to the action more or less feral. After having amazed the world with Demon’s Souls, Miyazaki gave light (or darkness, if he wanted) to Dark Souls who got two sequels. Bloodborne took us to a dark and Victorian London-like image full of lupine monsters and Lovecraftian creatures. Finally, Sekiro took us to Feudal Japan and gave us a new kind of gameplay, with a white weapon based on reflexes.

This new game does not allow us, unfortunately, to understand exactly how it will be structured, even if the rumors had anticipated that it will be an almost open world game. The only thing we could see in the trailer is the general mood that will pervade the Elden Ring, which seems very mystical.

Tell us, what do you think of what is shown in this first trailer for Elden Ring? Did you expect the announcement of a new game a few months after the release of Sekiro? In your opinion, the collaboration with George RR Martin will serve to give a new style to Miyazaki’s work, or do you think that the Japanese creative will always propose a hard and complex title to master?

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Check the first trailer of the game below.