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Elden Ring George R.R. Martin’s Game Leaked

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The expectation for the games that will be announced in E3 2019 is such that it is impossible for companies to deal with the leaks that take place hours before the biggest video game event of the year. In that sense, there is a title called Elden Ring that is causing a lot of noise because the rumors around it reveal a collaboration between FromSoftware and George RR Martin and a few moments ago important information was generated.

Shortly after the beginning of E3 2019, what is supposed to be an error in the security system of Bandai Namco revealed the official name of the title being developed by FromSoftware, led by Hidetaka Miyazaki, and George RR Martin, creator of Game of Thrones. The game in question would be called Elden Ring and would come to PS4, Xbox One and PC, but do not yet have data on the launch window.

The information was generated when this title appeared on the official site of Bandai Namco, a company that, it is rumored, will be responsible for its publication and distribution, which is not confirmed at all.

This leak, along with some others that account for Bandai Namco’s surprise line-up for E3 2019, were shared with the public by Daniel Ahmad, an analyst with Niko Partners and Jason Schreier, a journalist from Kotaku, who pointed out the problems faced by Bandai Namco in these moments, which has resulted in a series of leaks prior to the event.

So far, there is no more information about Elden Ring regarding its proposal, world design, story and mechanics.