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Eiji Aonuma Talks about Legend of Zelda Movie or TV Show

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Eiji Aonuma has given an interview to IGN in these last days, in which the most important and novel declarations from the producer of the Legend of Zelda saga arose.

During the interview, Aonuma was asked about a hypothetical television show or a movie about the franchise, specifically about which game should be based on it. To that Aonuma replied the following: “I don’t know. Honestly I wish we could do it for all of the titles. Or maybe just combine all of them and then something new can be created out of that maybe?” It is not that there is a movie or TV show on the horizon for Zelda but it is interesting to see what the greatest responsible of the saga thinks about this possibility.

Aonuma was also asked if “there was a Legend of Zelda movie or TV show, who should play Link” to which the Producer replied “Honestly, I don’t know. Who do you think should be? I don’t even want a Zelda movie unless it’s animated; I just started thinking about the Kokiri Forest part of Ocarina of Time when I was put on the spot by Mr. Aonuma.”

Speaking about the development teams, IGN asked the producer about the diversity in these, the inclusion of women and people of color and about the importance that the Zelda developers give to it. “I think that’s definitely something we think about. And I would love to work with a lot of variety of people with different backgrounds, just because, as I mentioned earlier, I would love to have all their different experiences. But one thing: If they can speak Japanese that would be good, because I can communicate with them,” Aonuma said.

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In recent news, it was confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild 2 is under development. On the other hand, it was rumored that the sequel to The Legend of Zelda will release sometime in 2021.

Would you like a TV show or a Movie based on The Legend of Zelda?