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Eidos Montréal Confirms It Will Not Give Up the Narrative Single Player Games

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A recent statement appeared on the website of Eidos Montréal, which announced the team’s willingness to place more emphasis on the online experience in its future titles.

The team is famous for creating all-around single-player experiences, such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Thief, just to name a few. The fans, predictably, were immediately alarmed by the news, so the studio boss, David Anfossi, was forced to intervene on Twitter to clarify the situation and calm the matters.

He explained that the inclusion of an online component will not preclude the creation of single-player experiences based on narrative. “Nobody said we give up the narrative single player games; this is what we like to do. Where did you read that?!.”

The boss is not wrong: in the statement, there is no mention of the abandonment of single player games, but in a period in which loot box and microtransactions are at the center of many controversies, just naming the online component has turned on an alarm bell in the most susceptible players. Fortunately, this is not the case, although it is still unclear how the online features they speak of will be implemented.

In any case, Anfossi added: “Stay tuned if you like strong action adventure games”. What will it be? At the moment we only know that Eidos Montréal is involved in the Avengers project of Square Enix and that the Deus Ex series, although in pause, has not been abandoned and will be re-launched at the right time.