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Eidos Montreal Is Hiring for a Monetisation Specialist, But Asks Players Not To Worry

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In recent days, Eidos Montreal has published a new job announcement to look for a figure specialized in monetizing video games and entertainment content, with the aim of looking for a suitable formula to better integrate microtransactions and in-app purchases in future products of the studio.

The candidate needs to have experience in the management of store-in games and promotions, will have to develop campaigns, discounts, sponsorships, cross sales and manage all aspects related to the monetization of the product.
The news has unleashed the ire of the players, who wrote massively to the Twitter profile of David Anfossi, the head of Eidos Montreal, who still wanted to reassure everyone by saying not to worry too much about those that are in fact aspects related to the business.

The team, obviously, is very confident and invited players not to be frightened for no reason. At this point, we cannot wait to discover some details about the mysterious project being worked on. You can check the tweet at the bottom of this news.

Eidos Montreal is currently working on the Avengers project on behalf of Square-Enix, and it seems that after the commercial flop of Deus Ex Mankind Divided, the franchise has been put on hold.