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Education Through Television Announced in Mexico for Homeschooling

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Schools in Mexico will remain close as the new academic session will start through homeschooling. Children can now study with the help of television during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Education Sectary, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, announced on Monday that children will have homeschool with the help of TV sets. The government has signed a deal with the biggest TV networks for bringing educational instructions to 30 million children in Mexico. The Sectary said that they wanted to have in-person classes, but it is impossible right now.

The children will go back to their classrooms once the situation of coronavirus spread is controlled. Until now, Mexico has reported 462,690 cases and 50,517 people have died. Esteban Moctezuma said that children can become carriers of the virus and infect their family and relatives at home.

How Mexico children can continue their education during the pandemic

All through Latin America, almost all schools have carried out an online education system or have set up TV sets in order to contain the surge of the coronavirus. The solution is not only stopping the spread of the virus but it is also helping the children cope up with their classes at ease.

The government on Bolivia announced on Sunday that they will end the school year. It would have been difficult to offer free and universal education to a country where most people don’t have the internet. Bolivia is a rural area and reaching for them to students with online education is tough right now.

Esteban Moctezuma said that education through television was chosen as government data shows that 94% of houses have a TV. The ones who don’t have TV can attend radio classes. Moreover, 140 million textbooks will be distributed for free to ensure that chilren get proper access to their academic supplies.

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