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Ed Boon Criticizes Those Who Talk About the Power of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

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The new generation, represented by PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, is still a long way off. The two platforms will presumably be available simultaneously at the end of 2020: so there is still a year and a half to go and, as is obvious, not much is known about the two next-gen consoles for now. This does not prevent fans from launching speculations and predictions about what Sony and Microsoft will offer with their new gaming machines. In some cases, moreover, it all results in a vulgar console war.

The technical data are few, but the hunt for the “most powerful console” has already begun: even if we think about what happened with PS4 and Xbox One, we know well that the slightest difference is enough to make the favor of the public opinion. All this has now become the object of criticism of Ed Boon, the creative director of NetherRealm Studios, who has worked on games like Injustice and Mortal Kombat.

“Xbox Scarlet is more powerful than PS5. PS5 is more powerful than Xbox Scarlet. How? HOW can anyone confidently make either statement without having WORKED on the FINAL hardware for each,” were the words of Ed Boon on his Twitter account  The creative director then vented his annoyance towards the immortal console war: we do not believe, however, that his words will have a great effect, especially on social networks.

In any case, Boon is absolutely right: for now, we don’t know enough about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett; probably, we won’t discover anything else for many months. The best moment for a complete reveal (with precise release date and price) will be in the next E3: we will also have to understand if Sony will want to return to the Los Angeles event after missing the 2019 edition, or if it will decide to create an independent event. The only certainty is that the wait will be difficult to bear.