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Ecco the Dolphin Creator settles lawsuit with Sega, series could resurrect

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Ed Annunziata and SEGA have resolved the legal dispute on the series of Ecco the Dolphin: whether it’s an encouraging sign for the possible return of the saga? The final chapter was released on Dreamcast in 2000.

Ed Annunziata, creator of Ecco the Dolphin, has reached a settlement with Sega in relation to intellectual property of the saga. However, although Annunziata has revealed that agreement has been reached, it was not revealed how it has been resolved. Neither Sega has spoken about it.

Ed Annunziata, creator of the saga of Ecco the Dolphin, had tried to return to the scene of video games with the Kickstarter campaign of Big Blue, underwater adventure inspired by the original creature, but unfortunately the fundraiser has failed to achieve the minimum target of $665,000.

When the funding campaign failed, Annunziata filed the lawsuit against Sega in an attempt to recover the rights of the saga created, which has been finally resolved with the settlement whose terms were not disclosed.

The developer has finally reached an amicable agreement with SEGA on the rights of Ecco the Dolphin: although at the moment we do not know more details about the matter, we can hope for a return of the saga on modern gaming platforms.

What we do know is that Ecco the Dolphin is a franchise that has become much better known in recent years, it has been released on many platforms to reach new audiences.

What do you think about it? Would you like to see the revival of Ecco the Dolphin?