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EasePDF – Best Online PNG to PDF Converter

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As we all know, PNG gains popularity in our daily life as it combines the advantages of JPG and GIF. Meanwhile, it is also a lossless data format, helping you to retain the quality of original images no matter how many times they have been saved or compressed. However, the size of PNG files is too large and the speed of opening and saving them is comparatively slower. Thus, many users would like to convert PNG files to PDF files. 

PDF is worth using because of its many advantages. On the one hand, PDF files are not easy to alter by unintentional clicks of your mouse and they take up much less storage than PNG files, making them more convenient sent by Email. Accordingly, the official PDF files are extensively used in companies. On the other hand, the converted FDF files avoid incompatibility problems caused by other software, improving their flexibility. 

What’s EasePDF? 

EasePDF is a completely free website with more than 20 tools, from which you can convert PNG to PDF freely. This is the best Online PDF Converter. It offers a user-friendly interface so that you needn’t worry about how to operate it for the first time. Furthermore, to ensure users’ privacy, information uploaded on this website is guaranteed to be protected and will be automatically deleted in 24 hours after finishing the conversion.

How to Convert PNG to PDF with EasePDF?

Now let’s read the process of converting PDF from PNG with EasePDF.

Step 1. Navigate to EasePDF, then find the PDF Creator or All PDF Tools icon on the top right corner. Then head into PNG to PDF.

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Step 2. Now you can upload your PNG that EasePDF supports to the server. Ways to upload your PNG are as followings: 

  1. Click the Add File(s) button to select the targeted PNG images from your computer. 
  2. Upload the PNG images by dropping them into the loading area.
  3. Import the PNG images from your cloud account, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  4. If you only have the URL address of the PNG images, you can copy and paste the link after you click on the URL icon.

Step 3. Now you will have a preview of all your uploaded PNG images. Here you can see there are four icons on the top of each PNG image. You can reorder the PNG images by dragging or flopping them and rotate them. When you would like to see the PNG images clearly, you can enlarge them. Besides, if you want to delete some of them, you can just click the Delete icon, and you can add more PNG images by clicking on the big “+” icon.



Step 4. When you confirm the manipulation, you can click Create PDF to export a new PDF document. Then wait seconds for the uploading and processing of your file.

Step 5. Download the PDF file. Now you are able to save the file to your local computer, or to your cloud account again. If you want to share the file, you can copy the URL link that EasePDF creates for you. However, as we have mentioned above, the server will delete the file automatically in 24 hours, so the link is only valid in 24 hours.

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The 5 steps above are simple to operate, which is suitable for green hands and professionals. At the same time, this EasePDF not only allows you to convert PNG to PDF easily, but also ensures the quality of the converted PDF cannot be reduced. Even though this is a free website, it secures your uploaded information, so I strongly recommend this EasePDF to you. Don’t hesitate anymor, now let’s take a try.