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EA’s Unravel game download available in early 2016

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Unravel is a unique game that holds a lot of new thing for players. This game most probably might come next year.  It is a kind of physics-based puzzle game. The game was announced in the month of June and yet it is not finalized. The game offers a creature called as Yarny that we will be controlling. With this there are also many similar small and big creatures with whom we will be playing and finding out the world around. Yarny is made from single thread of Yarn. He will be using his ability to pass through various obstacles and clearing up levels. The game looks very nice and cute. There is lot of puzzles in the game and this type of games is ideal for all type of ages. The game offers different twist and turns as Yarny moves on uncovering the secrets. After solving the puzzle you progress in the game and move ahead.

Unravel Game Screenshot
Unravel Game Screenshot

Puzzle solving physics based game are simple and easy to play. But with good storyline it can also be addictive. Yet there is no video on the game that can tell us a bit more about it. There is a trailer that gives you the glimpse of Yarny. Unravel shows the story of courage and constant effort. The game has amazing environment and a lot of great things to checkout. There are some very impressive levels you can see in the videos. The game is having great graphics and it won’t be a very high hardware demanding game if it will also release for PC edition.