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Earthfall: Alien Horde Co-Op FPS Will Release Next Month on Nintendo Switch

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Nimble, the newly-founded game developer based in Washington State, today announced that Earthfall: Alien Horde – the revival of FPS hit Earthfall, which has already been released for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam – will release on Nintendo Switch on October 11, 2019.

In addition to Earthfall, to its fullest and with all updates, Earthfall: Alien Horde brings an online co-op mode and a completely new, local four-player wireless co-op mode exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The title will provide players with plenty of content and will be available for a price of $19.99 at Nintendo eShop.

“Bringing Earthfall: Alien Horde to the Nintendo Switch made perfect sense to us,” said Russell Williams of Nimble. “The ability to play with your friends anywhere — online or with local wireless play — is really going to be a fun and unique feature that works extremely well with our 4-player co-operative FPS. Switch is a great console and Earthfall: Alien Horde is great on Switch. We hope everyone has fun taking on the apocalyptic horde of aliens and their overlords.”

Features of Earthfall: Alien Horde for Nintendo Switch is listed below:

  • A Horde of Content — 15 unique locations, including 11 campaign chapters, 5 invasion maps, and tons of unlockable items!
  • Hardcore Co-op — Drop in, drop out and engage in classic four-player co-operative gunplay inspired by the greatest co-op shooters of our time. Now with local wireless co-op, in addition to online play.
  • Death from Above — Fight the horde, a procedurally generated alien menace that makes every gameplay session tense, exciting, fresh, and utterly lethal.
  • Well-armed Allies — Become one of four story-driven characters and battle through an alien-infested plot while utilizing advanced weaponry and printable guns.
  • Constructible Defenses – Strategically place barricades that electrify or set the alien scourge afire. Deploy automatic sentries to create the perfect alien killing zones or set up mounted turrets to achieve firepower superiority.