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Earth Defense Force 5 Teaser presented by D3 Publisher

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The company D3 Publisher shared a New Year message to fans with a special video that shows a bit of the past titles of Earth Defense Force. However the Japanese video game publisher also took the opportunity to present what comes in Earth Defense Force 5.

Do not miss the video in question shared through the official Twitter account below.

The small preview of Earth Defense Force 5 is shown near the end of the video, where we can watch the frog-like creatures known as Colonists. These humanoid aliens have the ability to regenerate lost members if given opportunity and also tactical to cover themselves.

Earth Defense Force 5 is scheduled to be released in Japan this year on PlayStation 4.

In recent news, D3 Publisher has also released Tap Defense Force 4.1, an iOS and Android mobile version of the popular game of Earth Defense Force 4.1.

As you can intuit by the title, it is a game in which we will have to kill hundreds of insects by tapping on the screen of our smartphone or tablet. Although not particularly complex, D3 promises that the game has “an incredible depth.”

Earth Defense Force 4.1 is a 2016 version for PlayStation 4 and PC of Earth Defense Force 2025, with graphical enhancements and the inclusion of several serial DLCs with the basic package.