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Dead Space Art Director Says EA Will Not Sell The IP To Other Publishers

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Ian Milham, the former art director of the Dead Space series, has recently published a new artwork on Reddit, giving away a series of answers and questions about the future of the franchise. Milham admits that he does not know the current status of the brand but is pretty sure that Electronic Arts will not sell the IP to third parties.

According to the words of Ian Milham, despite EA does not seem to be going to publish new episodes, it will not give the franchise of Dead Space to other companies: “IP is where all the money is, and EA spent hundreds of millions on DS over the years, so no, they wouldn’t let it go for cheap.”

“If you’re talking about hiring a concept artist for personal use, that’s not too big a deal. There are amazingly talented people available for commission on Artstation, Milham explained.

But there needs to be a contract, and the more specific the better. Usage rights are critical (Who owns the image? Can the artist sell it for use by someone else?), as are the specifications (Size?) and workflow (Thumbnails to Finish? Number of reviews and iterations?). All of this will affect the price dramatically,” Milham further stated.

Electronic Arts does not currently seem interested in publishing Dead Space IV or even a reboot, however, it seems difficult that the publisher would sell the intellectual property, as reiterated by the former art director of the saga.

Recall that in October last year, EA closed Visceral Games, the studio responsible for the series, that was at work until a few months ago on a project related to Star Wars.

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