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EA Wants To Remaster the Original Titles of Command & Conquer

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The fans of Command & Conquer exploded in jubilation when they knew in the past E3 2018 that a new installment of the franchise was on its way to mobile devices, Command & Conquer: Rivals. After seeing the hype that was generated around the title, Electronic Arts recognized that players want to see the return of the series of PC strategy games and today important information was revealed.

Through a publication on Reddit, Jim Vessella, EA producer whose record his participation in Command & Conquer 3 and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, reported that the company has taken very seriously the requests for the franchise return to PC and is considering remastering the original titles.

The goal, according to Vessella’s words, is to celebrate in a great way the 25th anniversary of the game, that is, in 2020, and for that, they have planned to carry out the remasters to bring back the titles that made history in the strategy genre. At the same time, the creative asked the fans to give their opinions on the matter, as the development team and EA will pay attention to the requests of the fans to deliver games that meet their expectations.

Likewise, and although it would still be a couple of years before that happens, Vessella ventured to declare that any remastering that EA does of Command & Conquer will not have microtransactions.

What titles of Command & Conquer would you like to see remastered? Tell us in the comments below.