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EA suggests BioWare might be working on an action game

Today, during a meeting with investors, Electronic Arts sees that BioWare, the studio commissioned for the titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, seeks to expand its horizons, so it could be working on an action game.

In the event, the company showed statistics to indicate how it is contributing to the growth of EA BioWare by focusing on the category of action. The financial director, Blake Jorgensen, supported this idea by saying that the action genre could be lucrative.

This could mean that the new IP of BioWare, not yet announced, would focus on action, which would explain the commens of Jorgensen. Another situation, it would be that Mass Effect Andromeda will be beyond the RPG genre and will now be considered as an action game, but none of this is confirmed.

Also, if BioWare is working on a new action game, it may be the new IP that EA had spoken on last week, title scheduled to debut in the fiscal year of 2017.

For now, we expect to learn more about the plans of Electronic Arts, which will likely be revealed on the next month of June during E3 2016.

Do you think BioWare will develop an action title? Let us know in the comments section below.

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