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EA: Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions Removal Will Not Impact Financial Guidance

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After all the criticism received by the players, Electronic Arts decided to suspend the microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II, arguing that they heard the voice of the users.

Obviously, a decision of this type could have different effects, one of them includes the financial one. However, the company reported that it feels safe in that aspect and does not expect any kind of impact after what happened.

As part of a security report posted for the financial decisions, Electronic Arts included the situation regarding the suspension of microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II to give certainty to partners and investors.

The report says to the letter the following: “On November 16, 2017, Electronic Arts Inc. (“EA”) announced in a blog on its website at that it will turn off all in-game purchases for the Star Wars Battlefront II title until further notice. This change is not expected to have a material impact on EA’s fiscal year 2018 financial guidance.”

The fiscal year 2018 in the US will end in March of next year and, at least in the remaining months, EA maintains the position and has not modified its expectations around the game, which contemplate surpassing the 14 million units sold by Star Wars: Battlefront.

This report joins the flow of information on the microtransactions of Star Wars: Battlefront II, where there are already versions that indicate the pressure of Disney on EA to address the problem and thus not put at risk the image of the franchise.

What do you think about the decision of Electronic Arts? Star Wars: Battlefront II is already available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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