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EA Reportedly Canceled A New Plants vs. Zombies Game

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A couple of weeks ago Electronic Arts announced the closure of Visceral Games. This resulted in the cancellation of a Star Wars game, however, it also impacted a Plants vs. Zombies title that may never see the light.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Screenshot

When Visceral Games closed, EA Vancouver was in charge of the new Star Wars project. However, according to Kotaku’s report, Vancouver was working on a title of Plants vs. Zombies that was canceled, either because it had no future or because the studio was preparing to take over the game of the galactic saga.

Keep in mind that it is unlikely that it was a sequel to Garden Warfare because that title is developed by Popcap and other studios. Maybe EA Vancouver was developing another spin-off, but there were no precise details about this situation.

The truth is that EA has not announced any new game of Plants vs. Zombies from Garden Warfare 2, which debuted in 2016. At the moment, EA Vancouver who is in charge of a Star Wars project does not have a name or release date.

EA has an exclusivity with Disney to make a Star Wars games for consoles. Despite this treatment, the company only carried 2 titles: Star Wars Battlefront of 2013 and Star Wars: Battlefront II that will debut in November of 2017.