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EA: Fear of loot box in Star Wars Battlefront II is understandable

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We are almost a month away from Star Wars Battlefront II before it makes its debut on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and after testing the Beta period, there are many players who still have doubts about the loot box system that the game will have. Being one of the controversial topics today, some members of the game development team spoke with GameSpot about the situation.

In an interview conducted by GameSpot, some members of the Star Wars: Battlefront II development team talked about the loot box system, which will run through the Star Cards and the fear and criticism of fans who claim that this will result in a pay-to-win experience.

In that sense, the art director of EA Motive Chris Matthews stated the following: “Right now there have been games that exploit players and there have been games that have done it in better ways.”

“DICE [developer of Battlefront II’s multiplayer] has taken great care to make sure that Star Cards and the way they work give you more options in battle. Terms like pay-to-win and stuff like that are hard to dodge, but the guys are doing a really incredible job of trying to balance that system,” Matthews further said.

“[The response] is not annoying because we love the fans. We’re gamers and we’re trying to make something that’s super-compelling that everybody’s going to enjoy, but, you know, it’s understandable,” Matthews explained

On the other hand, Mitch Dyer, writer of the campaign mode of Star Wars: Battlefront II assured that there is nothing to worry because for that there are the Beta periods and they will take into account the feedback with the players to polish some elements of the title and to improve the experience. However, when asked if it was possible that Star Wars: Battlefront II existed without loot box and microtransactions, Dyer replied: We’re not really in a great position to talk about that. The guys at DICE would give you a great answer.”

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Star Wars: Battlefront II will arrive on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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