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EA Justifies Loot Boxes In Star Wars Battlefront II

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Star Wars Battlefront II will debut on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and after the beta period, the feedback had some effect on the development of the game, even on the controversial loot boxes. However, it is a reality that the new Electronic Arts game will maintain that monetization scheme and recently Andrew Wilson spoke about it.

As part of the response to the feedback received for the development of Star Wars Battlefront II in its beta period, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, addressed the issue of loot boxes and, according to the company’s idea, its presence is necessary as a monetization scheme since the DLC content, which could arrive through Season Pass, will be free.

In that sense, Wilson mentioned: “There are really two conversations going on there. One is about value. And in a world where a player pays $60 for a game, will there also be value in the ongoing digital ecosystem that comes for many years? When we think about value, we look at Star Wars Battlefront II and we say, we start with a game that’s nearly three times the size of the last game. We take what much of the content that would’ve been gated behind a Season Pass, and we offer that to the community for free. So we feel very good about the overall value proposition focused on keeping the player community together.”

“Then as we think about players that are playing the game for many years post-launch and the digital ecosystem and the event-driven live services that they participate in, it comes down to the second conversation, which is, does the digital ecosystem offer the opportunity for an individual player in the community to pay to win?,” Wilson said.

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In response to the previous idea, Wilson said that the balance in the game is of vital importance for EA and DICE and although there is an opportunity to buy content in Star Wars Battlefront II, that does not mean that the game has a pay-to-win play structure: “While we will be making adjustments based on feedback from the beta, which is great, and we’ll continue a daily dialogue with our players to make ongoing adjustments for many years to come, as this event-driven live service continues, we feel very good about the fact that you can earn almost everything in the game.”

Recall that Star Wars Battlefront II will arrive on November 17.