EA confirms FIFA 18 to feature return of The Journey and enhanced realism

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Not long ago, we were treated to the EA Sports reveal trailer for FIFA 18, and now they’ve followed up with more footage in the game’s E3 trailer. Even though quite a few fans expressed their disappointment via social media at the lack of airtime FIFA 18 received at E3, what was shown has revealed a lot of information that points to an enhanced gaming experience for all.

Football for all in FIFA 18

Something that wasn’t alluded to in the initial reveal trailer was if the popular game mode The Journey would be returning in the latest edition of the franchise. Now, with the E3 trailer, we know that FIFA 18 will play host the return of Alex Hunter and his path to greatness.

One of the many challenges of creating FIFA is that the game needs to appeal to a very wide audience, says FIFA 18 producer Matt Prior. He believes that The Journey provides a way for those who don’t follow the sport of football particularly closely to be able to not only practice their game skills but also be engaged in the sport with the help of the game mode’s plot.

While one of the major announcements in the press conference was that FIFA 18 will also be available on Nintendo Switch, The Journey will not be an option on the platform.

Enhanced play, enhanced graphics

As we were informed in the reveal trailer, FIFA 18 incorporates a lot of motion capture technology to perfect elements of the game, such as ball control and skill.

After winning the Champions League two seasons in a row, La Liga, and the European Championship with Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo became the cover star of FIFA 18. His and Real Madrid’s impressive performances even have them as joint 5/1 favourites in the football betting to win the Champions League for a third successive time next season. But he’s more than just a cover star; Ronaldo was greatly involved in running motion capture drills with the EA Sports development team.

The trailer proclaims “Fuelled by the data of Ronaldo,” and it appears to have worked according to those who have tested FIFA 18. Notably, the dribbling has improved, and the art of taking the ball around a defender is a much smoother process – one which is a trademark of Ronaldo in real life. Also, due to this being the development team’s second year on the Frostbite engine, they’re getting more out of it. The graphics and player faces have improved as have the fans in the stadiums and their interactions with the players.

FIFA 17 received criticism by many for lack of realism regarding the football gameplay, overshadowed by their competitors, Pro Evolution Soccer, but EA seem to have gone the extra mile to try to bring more realism to the gameplay for FIFA 18. With a new element of realism and the return of a fan-favourite game mode, FIFA 18 looks to enhance the football game experience for all even further.