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Star Wars Battlefront 2: EA’s Community Manager Issued With A Series of Death Threats


The controversy over Star Wars Battlefront 2 does not stop: on Reddit at the weekend, it was discussed the high number of credits necessary to unlock new heroes, a matter that was also addressed by a spokesman for Electronic Arts. The discussion also included the Community Manager Mat Everett.

Ironically, after reading the controversy over Reddit, Everett wrote the following message on Twitter (archived here): “The arm chair developers on this internet,” a tweet which really did not please the players, who began to offend Mat in all ways, to threaten him with death and ask for his resignation.

Everett has apologized for the message but he does not intend to overlook the threats and personal offenses, that will end up in the hands of the Electronic Arts security department.

A bad thing, the same Community Manager was said to be very bitter about this situation and greatly disappointed for the immature behavior of some elements of the community.

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