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EA Looking To Sell The Broadcasting Rights of FIFA eWorld Cup

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In October, if you remember, Electronic Arts and FIFA have announced a strong partnership to create the virtual equivalent of the World Cup called as Fifa eWorld Cup.

The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) has been renamed to FIFA eWorld Cup, and its first edition will be held in August next year, with 32 players competing. The six tournaments that make up the FIFA 18 Global Series Qualifier will decide the 128 players (64 on PlayStation 4 and 64 on Xbox One) that will qualify for the Playoffs of the series that will be played in June. From that moment, only 32 players will win their tickets for the final phase of the tournament, which will take place in August.

The last edition of the FIWC took place in London on 16-18 August 2017 and distributed about $268,000 in total, with the final winner Spencer “HugeGorilla” Ealing who took home $200,000.

The qualifying tournaments for the new year have already started and EA Sport is still trying to sell the tournament broadcasting rights. Last year the FIWC was broadcasted on Twitch, generating just over 137,200 hours of total views.

This result, however, cannot be compared with those of the main titles of esport. In fact, around the same time, the Counter-Strike qualifier for ESL One in New York 2017 amounted to 775,000 hours and the League of Legends EU LCS could count on over 930,000 hours.

So for FIFA and EA Sport, all that remains is to look elsewhere to sell the broadcasting rights of the eWorld Cup. We hope that they will soon reach an agreement (maybe with ESPN and Disney?) because we would like to enjoy this great show.