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EA and DICE promises more free content for Star Wars: Battlefront

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Announcing the release of Star Wars Battlefront, DICE also referred to the arrival of a season pass allowing access to all paid DLC. A Season Pass sold at the high price of 50 dollars. Criticized on this point, the studio now evokes that the content will be offered for free.

If Star Wars Battlefront is conspicuous by its graphics, many players today criticized the lack of content. In addition to the various game modes, environments are effectively limited, as are facilities and customizing players. One cannot take comfort in the pending DLC, unfortunately, they are not especially cheap, since the season pass includes us to pay a price of 50 dollars for 4 DLC.

Star Wars Battlefront - Fighter Squadron Pics
Star Wars Battlefront – Fighter Squadron Pics

To calm things down, DICE has recently confirmed that the next DLC, the Battle of Jakku, will be offered for free from December 8 (December 1 for players who pre-ordered the game) and it will not be the only content offered.

In a blog post called “The start of your Star Wars adventure” DICE thanked its fans for their enthusiasm and support over the past few week. It also made the developer to announce that Star Wars: Battlefront becomes EA’s largest digital release ever.

The studio has promised several free additions to come and Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President of Electronic Arts, said that “new maps and stars cards” will be proposed shortly.