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E3 2020 Dates Confirmed: What to Expect

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E3 2019 is not yet finished, but as always we are passionate about the future and we are eager to know everything when we can have it. Fortunately, the Electronic Entertainment Expo organizer revealed when we could attend the next E3 2020 event: June 9-11, 2020. It is clear that, for now, we know nothing about how the event will be organized and which names will take the field.

In E3 2020, will we see the return of Sony? The absence of this year is easily attributable to the lack of significant news from the Japanese company, which has therefore preferred to “launch the title of Death Stranding” just before the event and avoid fighting directly with competitors. Next year, however, Sony should be more than ready to reveal new details on PS5, or at any rate to reconfirm information it could reveal in dedicated events prior to the Los Angeles event.

Even Microsoft should take the field with Xbox Project Scarlett (which we hope will get a final name no later than E3 2020). We also know that the E3 2020 will be the right time to see Halo Infinite in detail, one of the first next-gen games revealed. If the title of 343 Industries is going to be a party, we don’t see why the console shouldn’t be too.

Then there will be all the other great third party publishers and the same Nintendo that is always ready to reveal surprises, as it did with the recent Nintendo Direct when it announced the follow-up to Breath of the Wild. Tell us, even if it’s a year away, what are your wishes for E3 2020?