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E3 2019: Top 10 Games We Would Like to See

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For those who love video games, the month of June is historically a magical month because of E3. In the Electronic Entertainment Expo event, known to all as E3, we have seen some of the consoles that have made history, such as PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64, since its first edition in 1995. But the real protagonists are the new games in development, which sometimes manage to meet the expectations with the announcement of games that we have always dreamed of – as happens with the sequels, or even we are filled with surprise at the presentation of new intellectual property. Also this year with E3 2019, we are sure that we all have a “wish list” for publishers, who due to a series of new factors of this edition, will have to commit themselves a lot to amaze the general public.

Considering that Sony will be absent in E3 2019 with all the PlayStation ecosystem, many titles that we would have liked to know – or rather see – something more, like The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding or Ghost of Tsushima, will, therefore, be absent. Strangely, Electronic Arts will also not take part in E3 2019, however, it has announced that it will hold an independent EA Play stream during which it will show its proposals for the end of 2019.

Looking at this picture from another perspective, we cannot forget that Microsoft could take on the role of the undisputed protagonist, especially given that it could finally show the new generation of consoles, which at the moment bears the names of Project Scarlett and Project Anaconda. Moreover, given the presence of all the other software houses, the time would be ripe to see the sequels of important franchises, the first gameplay of titles already announced. Here are 10 games that we would like to see in this E3 2019.

Splinter Cell:

Splinter Cell is, without doubt, one of Ubisoft’s most successful intellectual properties. So why the title has been missing from our screens for about six years? The French company tried to explain the reasons, while there were some rumors also about a possible Splinter Cell 7. Sam Fisher starred in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the last chapter of the saga, while last year, in a mission entirely dedicated to him: “The call”, he appeared on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Rumors about a new chapter are a constant in the last two editions of E3, so it is fair to expect the coveted announcement of a new Splinter Cell in the upcoming E3 2019.


The Legend of Zelda:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has undoubtedly been a killer title of Nintendo Switch since its market debut. This last chapter of the franchise embraces the Wii U generation and that of the hybrid console, and it would be really interesting to see a new chapter ideally designed from the beginning for Nintendo Switch.


It was in recent news that Monolith Soft, the software house that contributed to the development of Breath of the Wild, seems to be looking for new members for various roles, such as programmers, designers and technical artists, with the explicit goal of developing a new The Legend of Zelda. Do you hope for it? It would really be an ace in the hole for the Japanese house to conquer the E3 2019 audience!

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Silent Hill:

According to financial data released by Konami, the company is in excellent health and is growing compared to the last two years. A strange paradox if you consider that the Japanese house is “present” on the market with few IPs, leaving those dear to fans dormant, such as Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill. And it is precisely on this last historic franchise that we would like to see something new.


We have to admit that we were all a little burned by the cancellation of the Silent Hills project produced and directed by maestro Hideo Kojima with the support of Guillermo del Toro, a development that would also involve famous actors such as Norman Reedus. But with Kojima’s farewell to Konami, the project was canceled, bringing the technical demo known as PT (playable teaser) into the gaming world and now we all ask ourselves: what happened to Silent Hill?

Grand Theft Auto VI:

GTA V is one of the best-selling video games in history with an incredible number of over 110 million copies sold. The secret? A mixture of ingredients, such as innovation respectful of the spirit of the series and incredible constant support with new contents for six years from its publication date, in addition to the amount of fun that the title manages to give from two generations of consoles. Considering that about five years have passed between GTA IV and GTA V, and that Rockstar Studios has already successfully published Red Dead Redemption 2 with the imminent release from the beta phase, the times could be ripe for a new story, a new charismatic protagonist (it will be hard to come up with something more insane than a Trevor Philips), a new city … or maybe a welcome return in Vice City or San Andreas?


The rumor on the new chapter began to circulate, and we believe that now is the time to ask loudly the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI.

Resident Evil:

2019 will be remembered as the return of Raccoon City, with its ravenous monstrosities and the dear old Leon Kennedy, a newcomer to Resident Evil 2, one of the most successful remakes in the video game history. And when this kind of operation leads to the production of a product that can satisfy critics and historical fans, we can only hope for a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the only chapter in the regular series that hasn’t even undergone a process of remastering. Also on our pages, we have extensively discussed the possibilities of a remake of the third chapter, and the same Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has expressed himself on the matter, affirming that Capcom could consider the idea of ​​making a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis “if the fans proved to be sufficiently enthusiastic”. And you? Are you excited enough? Yes sure. And so are we.


Furthermore, we cannot forget the transformation that the franchise underwent with Resident Evil 7, with a series of absolutely new elements for the regular series such as the subjective view, which, although coming out of the canons of the series, brought back that “thrill” that it had been in hiding in previous chapters for years, making it a successful title. An insider known as Evil VR has already shown the development of Resident Evil 8 so … we just have to cross our fingers once again.

Dino Crisis:

Still horror. Still Capcom. But this time the zombies give way to the dinosaurs of Dino Crisis, with one of the most popular series for the public, with a debut in 1999 and a different sequel in the mechanics but equally appreciated in 2000 – those were the years of the first PlayStation. Unfortunately, the franchise suffered a sudden break due to a Dino Crisis 3, exclusively for the first Xbox, definitely below expectations. Yet, even today, enthusiasts ask that justice be done with the sequel – or remake given to the recent current – that this series deserves and, we hope that Capcom listens and produces one such title.

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The Avengers Project:

With Avengers: Endgame still in the theaters there is no mention of anything else but its success, which could crown it as the film with the greatest revenue in the history of cinema. We are in full “Avengers fever” and of any development linked to the Marvel universe, so we cannot forget to mention the ambitious project of Square-Enix, precisely The Avengers Project, which could make itself known in this edition of E3 2019.


The project is totally shrouded in mystery, if it weren’t for some rumors from last month, which would have revealed a third-person experience. We are sure that in a few days we will have more precise and official news … certain of the wave of cinema success that the Japanese house will surely want to ride.


Fable would undoubtedly be a welcome return for the Microsoft team in this E3 2019, and with the advent of the new generation of consoles, we could witness its rebirth. Already a few years ago there was the talk of a new chapter by a former member of Lionhead Studios, a chapter that could give light to a beloved franchise, after the period of darkness with that Fable III a bit subdued and with the subsequent cancellation of Fable Legends. How many of you would like to see a new chapter of Peter Molyneux’s creature?


Cyberpunk 2077:

Cyberpunk 2077 was announced seven years ago by CD Project, and only last year, shortly after E3 2018, the gameplay was shown for the first time. So, you may be wondering, why do you figure on this list?


Simply, after The Witcher 3, it is one of the most ambitious projects of this generation and we look forward to seeing the protagonist again in action, to see how our choices will be able to continually change the “biological” evolution of its body and ultimately of history. We look forward to knowing when we can take part in the Night City life!

Batman Arkham Crisis:

Batman Court of Owls or Batman Arkham Crisis? No one knows yet with certainty, but surely after three years since the release of Batman Arkham Knight the fans would like to know if our Bruce Wayne will have found a way to continue his crusade … and we stop here for those who have not yet seen the final last chapter developed by Rocksteady Studios. The recent rumors suggest that a new game linked to Batman began with a story mode consisting of 12 acts, one hour long with the introduction of Batwing given a larger map than that of GTA V. According to rumors, the game should be distributed around Halloween 2019, so an announcement during E3 2019 would be a must.


And which titles would you like to see at the most important event of the year? Write it in the comments and don’t forget to follow all the updates of the Los Angeles fair of E3 2019 at this link.

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