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E3 2019: The Outer Worlds Release Date Revealed

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Xbox has not taken anything to start with the surprises during its conference at E3 2019 and a few moments ago revealed the release date of The Outer Worlds, the new title of Obsidian Entertainment.

The Xbox conference at E3 2019 started big and Obsidian Entertainment announced that The Outer Worlds will be released on October 25 and the best thing is that it will be a title that will be available in the Game Pass service from day 1, so there is no excuse for not giving it a look.

The announcement was made with the presentation of a new trailer that shows progress of the current state of the game and some details about its story, where we will find a space exploited by corporations and societies subject to a hegemonic regime, ideal combination for the emergence of a movement that seeks to break with that established order.

Without more, below we leave you with the new trailer of The Outer Worlds:

In the new trailer of The Outer Worlds we can see some new areas that we will have access to throughout our adventure, fragments of action, conversations and, how could it be otherwise, decisions that we can make throughout the story that we will live. But it is at the end of the video that leaves us with the most remarkable data: the release date.

We remind you that The Outer Worlds is a work that, despite its playability as a first-person shooter, is committed to the RPG and includes elements such as a story with drastically different endings depending on the decisions we make throughout the adventure.

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