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E3 2019: Project xCloud Rumored To Be More Powerful Than Google Stadia

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We are getting closer and closer to E3 2019. As the official start of the event will come with the Microsoft event, tomorrow we will be able to get information on Google Stadia, since a presentation is dedicated to it where we will be able to find out all the details on price, games and release date. The two companies will certainly fight, given that Microsoft will also use the Los Angeles stage to present its video game streaming service: Project xCloud.

We don’t know much about it, but now new rumors are emerging about it. As reported on Thurrot, there will be no way to find out precisely what are the specifications of Project xCloud, but during E3 2019, it will be possible to know the power of the new service. In fact, Thurrott writes: “While I don’t think Microsoft will share the raw performance figures of xCloud, I have heard that it does best Google’s previously announced 10.7 teraflops.”

We don’t know what the sources of Thurrot are, so we can’t do anything else other than to classify the whole as a rumor, but nevertheless, it is very interesting. Moreover, it seems that it will be possible to see a demo of Project xCloud during the presentation. Thurrot also claims to have heard a rumor that Microsoft intends to show a person playing xCloud from home, and not directly on the showfloor, but it is not certain that this detail has been confirmed.

This last possibility would also make sense, since long ago we discovered that the xCloud developers started the texts at home of the service, to verify their functionality in a daily context.

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To find out if it’s all true, we don’t have to do anything but wait for this Sunday when Microsoft shows up on stage in Los Angeles and shows the world all the news. Tell us, what do you think about it?