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E3 2019: Project xCloud Release Date Revealed

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Phil Spencer took the stage of the E3 2019 event to present more news of Project xCloud, the Microsoft service with which it will be possible to play several games thanks to the servers in the cloud. In addition, the executive confirmed the release date.

Spencer recalled that some time ago they showed their desire to take the Xbox gaming experience to the cloud and today they offered more features of the service.

To begin with, it was said that Project xCloud will turn streaming into reality through Microsoft servers or use the console as a streaming medium. Thanks to the console streaming functionality the Xbox One will become a means to stream to any other compatible device. So, there will be two ways to transmit the data to play, through the Microsoft data center or through your own console.

In short, Project xCloud will allow users to transform their Xbox One into a personal server to be used to stream their entire library, including the titles to which you have access with Xbox Game Pass. Project xCloud will be usable on many devices: it is highly possible that we will be able to use it via PC and via mobile devices, so that we can play where we want and when we want in the world we want.

This October you will be able to play the platform games where you wish, as the Xbox boss announced that it will be available that month. In addition, the attendees at E3 2019 were able to try a version on the Microsoft show.