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E3 2019: Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge Confirmed

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One of the studios that could not miss the appointment of E3 2019 was Ninja Theory, and creators of games like Hellblade, Heavenly Sword or DmC debuted in their new stage as members of Xbox Game Studios with Bleeding Edge, a new multiplayer title of 4v4 very striking, which was presented during the Microsoft conference of E3 2019.

With Phil Spencer’s promise was that we would see 14 Xbox Game Studios games at the Microsoft conference, many were looking forward to the announcement of the new game of Ninja Theory, an announcement that was leaked two days before the conference, but for that reason, it is still exciting. Bleeding Edge is a new 4v4 multiplayer game in the style of a “Hero Shooter”, although more focused on melee and close combat.

As is customary in the genre, in Bleeding Edge we find a very varied set of characters, each with their own specific abilities and characteristics to give more depth to the confrontations, and with weapons such as swords, axes, saws and much more with which to annihilate your enemies.

Although there is no release date for Bleeding Edge, we do have a date for the alpha. It will be a “Technical Alpha” that can be enjoyed from June 27. And, of course, we also have a new trailer of the game:

In the latter, we can see two groups of four characters with a very colorful and cartoon design that fight. The game will be in the first person and will focus on the competitive multiplayer. Unfortunately, the video was very short and did not allow us to understand exactly how the action in the game will evolve, fortunately, we will be able to find out soon because on June 27 a period of technical alpha will start.