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E3 2019: Battletoads Gameplay Revealed for Xbox One

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Since last year, Xbox was responsible for raising the hype of old school fans with the revelation that Battletoads would return and yesterday, in the context of E3 2019, a new gameplay trailer was presented that has given us a perspective on what we wait.

During the Microsoft conference at E3 2019, the first gameplay of Battletoads for Xbox One was finally shown, the new game of the most hooligan toads exclusively for the Microsoft consoles family. You can see how the toads of Battletoads are seen in the gameplay in the trailer at the bottom of this video.

The return of this legendary beat’em up rare franchise was announced in the last E3, leaving us drooling thanks to its promise of local multiplayer for up to 3 players, hand-drawn 4K 2.5D graphics and a “bunch of statements about nonspecific features.” With such a letter of introduction, it is inevitable to want to see the toads more hooligans.

As you can see in the video above, the animation design has made the necessary adjustments so that the franchise is attractive for the new generations, however, apart from that the essence of beat ’em up the franchise is still intact, so you can expect sections of frantic combat, some areas of platforms and others of handling vehicles or ships.

Battletoads is still without a release date yet. In any case, we remind you that the E3 2019 has only just begun, and on you can be aware of all the novelties that occur in the conferences and all the games that can be tested in the showfloor.