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E3 2019: AMD Will Livestream ‘Next-Generation’ Gaming Products

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There is one more company that will announce its news in E3 2019 and, depending on what it means by “next generation” gaming products, it may be that AMD will come with everything. The maker of processors, memory cards and video cards will hold a live conference on Monday, June 10 at 3:00 pm PT (12:00 pm ET), called “Next Horizon Gaming.” The company promises to talk about “new experiences of PC gaming, consoles and the cloud over the next few years, prompting developers to show game content never seen before.”

The presentation of the event will be held by Geoff Keighley, creator of The Game Awards.

In the “Next Horizon Gaming,” AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will present information on upcoming products and technologies that will power PC gaming, consoles and the cloud over the next few years. The event will also feature major game developers who will provide exclusive information on some of the most anticipated new games of the year.

So far, there is no information on what can be presented. In the area of ​​PCs, the expectation is in the new Ryzen processors and video cards.

Interestingly, Mike Ybarra, vice president of games at Microsoft, retweeted the publication of AMD. Although there is no confirmed partnership between the two, it is possible that the new Xbox, codenamed Anaconda and Scarlett, may have some technology that AMD can present at that event.

The E3 2019 will take place between June 11 and 13 with full coverage and live on