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Aaron Greenberg: E3 2018 Maps Circulating Aren’t Accurate, Microsoft Will Be There In A Big Way

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The maps of the next E3 2018 have been published on the web, highlighting the exhibition spaces occupied by various companies in the sector and Microsoft’s stand compared to Sony is really small, but Aaron Greenberg reassures everyone by saying that the Redmond colossus will be present in “big way”.

The plans have been disclosed by GES, a company that manages different aspects of the Los Angeles expo, and what emerged inevitably raises some doubts. Sony and Nintendo, in fact, will have very large spaces while the one reserved for Microsoft is really small, to be precise 75×20, a decidedly small size, even less than the space occupied at E3 2017 (200×100).

The images obviously did not go unnoticed, so much so that Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft decided to intervene on Twitter stating that the published plans are not accurate and there are no reasons to worry. According to statements, in fact, the Redmond colossus will be present at the Los Angeles Convention Center in “big way” and soon all the details will be revealed.

It is not clear what he really meant by saying “big way”, however, a few weeks ago, Phil Spencer had generated enough hype, pointing to some positive changes that will concern the Microsoft conference at E3 2018, pointing out that these changes, in addition to being fun, will be a real challenge.

Obviously, it is impossible to know what exactly Microsoft is intending to organize, however, several rumors indicate that on the front games something is moving and there are rumors of the existence of important games in development such as Fable 4, Perfect Dark and more titles.