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Dynasty Warriors 9 will run at 4K/30 FPS or 1080p/60 FPS on PS4 Pro

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Interviewed by the Taiwanese site Bahamuth’s Crazy Arcade, the game director of Dynasty Warriors 9 has revealed that the game will be optimized for the PlayStation 4 Pro, developers are currently working to maximize the potential of the console.

Specifically, Atsushi Miyauchi declares that on PS4 Pro you will be able to select between two different display modes, namely 4K/30 fps stable and 1080p/60 fps, it is not clear at the time whether the 4K resolution will be native or dynamic.

The game director admitted that Dynasty Warriors 8 had a technical section below expectations, due to the need to run the game not only on PS4, but also on PlayStation 3.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is a project built from scratch and designed specifically for the PlayStation 4, which will allow to optimize the graphics engine.  Dynasty Warriors 9 will provide a better look, as the Open World action is designed from the ground up for the PlayStation 4.

The latest title of the Omega Force musou will be the first to change levels for an open world where we can travel through China, including real locations such as the Yellow River or Mount Song. We can play with the 83 existing characters, plus a couple of new features like Cheng Pu and Zhou Cang.

The game is expected to release in Japan in 2017, the publication in the West has been confirmed but there are no details on the launch window for Europe and North America.

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