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Dying Light Vehicle DLC download available soon

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A new trailer of Dying Light Vehicle DLC is released that shows a lot of new content for the game. The release for the same DLC is not yet confirmed though. But there are chances that it might come up in next few months. The DLC shows up various new things that will be added after getting it. This trailer is out on Gamescom. This would also include The Bozak Horde DLC. Yet things are not cleared about the same, whether this all will be coming together or there would be any kind of difference. We are keeping a close watch on the final release. The video below shows many things. It shows new area, new weapons and a lot of additional content. The Bozak Horde DLC is a part of Season Pass. It offers a challenge based game mode.

Dying Light Images
Dying Light Images

The second one is Cuisine & Cargo that is also a part of Season Pass. There are two sections also. One is restaurant which is infested with zombies and the second one is abandons rail-road. You have to survive through that. The third addition is Ultimate Survivor Bundle. You get to choose among three outfits and there are 4 new weapons in it. There is a Developer Tool section where you get a Game Editor. It is a free for PC. You can create your own custom maps through this. There would be a Hard Mode also. This is a free content.  It brings up advance difficulty level in the game. The video gives a glimpse of everything. I had also separately mentioned each of the DLCs below.

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Part of Season Pass: DLC

The Bozak Horde:  Challenge Based Game Mode

  • Game Changing Compound Bow
  • Ultimate Co-op Experience

Cuisine & Cargo: Two Hardcore Quarantine Zones.

  • Zombie-infested Restaurant
  • Abandoned railroad yard

Ultimate Survivor Bundle: One of a Kind Equipment

  • Three stylish outfits
  • Four Mighty Weapons
  • Free for PC

Game Editor:

  • Developer Tools: Unleash your inner game designer
  • Create custom brand new maps
  • Tell your own stories


Advance Difficulty Level:

  • No Insta-heal, no inventory pause
  • Longer nights, deadlier volatiles

Parkour Fever: Parkour focused challenges

  • Online leader boards
  • Momentum- new parkour feature

Be the Zombies Mutation: Evolve your night hunter

  • Four Mutation Stages
  • Additional skills unlock

Gold Weapons: Highest Weapon rarity level

  • Unique, rare weapons class
  • Brutally powerful

Character Outfits: More than 50 unique skins

  • National and branded t-shirts
  • Punk, Zombie Wannabie & More

Crazy New Weapons: Over 50 extra Weapons

  • Bone splitter, Green Peace and More
  • Gold-tier fantasy weapons

Quarantine Zones 2.0: Revamped Zone Missions

  • Fully repayable
  • Increase drop-rate for gold weapons

Regular Special In-game event: One-Time only events

  • Crazy gameplay modification
  • Chance to win premium dockets

Redeem Code:  Weapon Dockets: Hunt for Codes in DL assets