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Dying Light The Following DLC set to launch at first quarter of 2016

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Dying Light was released in January 27, 2015. This first person survival horror game is going to get a new DLC called as The Following and now it is all set to launch at the first quarter of 2016. There is a short intro video that is out on YouTube. You can check the same at the end of this article.

Dying Light The Following DLC Image

The Following DLC will take you under water for new exploration. It looks pretty impressive through the below video but tells very less about the same. The DLC launch is scheduled next year in the first quarter. A confirmed released date is not yet finalized. This upcoming DLC is having lot of features that are worth to checkout. Like a new map in the game. This time there will be a quarantined zone that is infested with zombies everywhere. And you have to make your way out of them.

There are new characters, new quest and also lot of secrets to discover in this new DLC. There will also be a few vehicles that you can drive through and instantly run away to a safer place. These vehicles can be customized also. You can add specialized weapons on it and make them more powerful. The DLC brings an old character Kyle Cran back in the game.