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Dying Light – The Following DLC Gameplay Video

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Dying Light was released in January 27, 2015. This action role playing game is now getting a new DLC called as The Following. There is a gameplay video below that is based on this new upcoming DLC. The game offers this add-on release soon and will give some new refreshing content for the players.  The

The Following DLC will have a story that continues the gameplay of Dying Light. The video below explains a bit about the same. Also it has commentary that explains a lot of things about the new storyline. There are new weapons with lot of upgrades and customization. This DLC will costs around $14.99. If you are having Season Pass then you can get this DLC for free.

Dying Light The Following DLC Image
Dying Light The Following DLC Image

Dying Light is an action survival game that offers you an impressive gameplay. The game lets you to move and explore a vast world that is having mysteries creatures and lots of side missions. You can also craft weapons so that you can make it lot stronger and deal with so many different enemies. Each of these enemies gets stronger as you keep on moving ahead. The best thing to know more about the DLC is watching the below video that is around 28 minutes long.

The video is well detailed as it takes you to a whole new mission in this DLC. It starts with following a co-player throughout the mountains. After moving up through the mountains you can see the character entering to a village with no-one. Everyone looks disappeared somewhere. You can go inside the house and collect items that would later on help you in survival. The video also gives an introduction on the different weapons that are a primary part of the Dying Light.

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