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Dying Light “The Following” DLC download available soon

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Dying Light was released on January 27, 2015 on different consoles and PC. The game is also available for Linux. The game is going to get a new DLC called as “The Following”. The DLC will be providing some new content in this game and offer a lot more better output. This new expansion is going to bring a new storyline and some impressive content that would let players to play this game again with more interest. The game is already old and I think that there are ample of players who are done with the same. So here “The Following” DLC is going to add more flavors in the game. The expansion is announced but yet nothing is much told about the same. This new content will be offering new features and some vehicles also. Also there will be new story mode. The developer has said nothing about the same. But we are expecting this DLC to arrive in the upcoming months.

Dying Light The Following DLC Screenshot
Dying Light The Following DLC Screenshot

Some images have been leaked on the web that tells about “The Following” DLC. It shows new content and some vehicles also. But we are looking more for the video and its gameplay. As per certain news sources the DLC is already announced. Dying Light is available in different editions on Steam. Like the regular edition of Dying Light costs around $39.99. This is a special promotion that will end on August 3rd.Then there is a Dying Light 4-Pack edition that costs around $119.99 and Dying Light Ultimate Edition that costs around $53.32.

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