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Dying Light Patch 1.06 download now available for PS4 and Xbox One

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A new patch of around 2.8GB is out for Dying Light. This game was released in the month of January these years and after a long time a new patch is out in order to recreate gamer’s interest. If you are the one who is still playing this game then this new patch will give you some extra features to replay it back again.

The patch is quite big in size and it not only comes with fixes but also have something extra in it. You can find those thing below which are taken from the official patch source. The patch is live and you can download it for free on your PS4 and Xbox One console both. The patch is out for Xbox One and PS4. As I said already it comes with improvement and free DLC in it.

It has ten Parkour moves with online leaderboards. Quarantine Zone is recreated. There are many new outfits to choose. There are also some new weapons with new trophies. And after adding this patch the game will support Bozak Horde DLC which comes for $9.99.


  • Parkour Fever – ten parkour with online leader boards
  • Revamped Quarantine Zones
  • Additional national outfits + community designed t-shirt
  • Gold-tier fantasy weapons
  • Three new trophies
  • Support for the Bozak Horde DLC

Be the Zombie:

  • Entirely new progression system – three stages of mutation with additional, unique skills
  • Various balance tweaks
  • Spit not sticking to opponents fixed
  • Ground pound bug fixed
  • Flare damage to hives normalized


  • Unlocking trophies issues fixed
  • Various stability improvements, including co-op
  • Weapon duplication exploit fixed
  • Support for background music playback added (Spotifiy)