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Dying Light Hard Mode Patch 1.05 download now available

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Just few days before a new patch was released for Dying light that added Hard Mode in the game. After a while with some addition a new patch is again released that adds more benefits and performance to the game. Dying Light Hard Mode Patch 1.05 is now available for download. This patch is announced recently and finally the download is provided to this game. As usual if you had not downloaded the older patch, you can still go with this new one.

It brings all the benefits of old patch + a few new things with better performance. Most of the things are one and same like before. This patch will add the same hard mode in the game making it more challenging and better. There are 4 new outfits for the players and new weapons as well. This includes 50 weapons. This is unlocked when you are done playing the entire game with this new patch.

There are some extra tweaks which matters here a bit. This adds more performance to the game and a few missing improvements. Overall performance of the game is more boosted. You will find some visual enhancement also after adding the patch. There is a new option added that turns on Zombie invasion. The game was released in January and after a bit long time this new abilities are provided through the patch. There might be more dlc in the coming months. But news is not clear yet.

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