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Dying Light DLC Cuisine & Cargo download available, Ultimate Survivor Bundle and The Bozak Horde DLC soon

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After the release of Dying Light a few days ago, Techland has announced the first DLC which is available through its Season Pass and the title was also available on the Xbox Marketplace.

The seasonal pass is displayed at $19.99 on Xbox One Market here that gives you access to three extensions:

Cuisine & Cargo: Available from February 10, it contains 2 new missions: Challenge yourself in two areas of extreme quarantine. Use a mixture of camouflage and combat to loot and explore the ominous corridors filled with Infected from one of the most famous restaurant Harran and an abandoned train station. They say there is an incredible loot to recover in these two places, but no one has been able to confirm it out alive. Will you be the first?

Ultimate Survivor Bundle: It will be available in the month of March and will include seven unique items that will help you fight zombies in a whole new level.

The Bozak Horde: It is scheduled for May and will offer players a new map and a new game mode. You can play solo or cooperatively in Harran Stadium.

Furthermore, the Dying Light Season Pass for PC is also available at this address, it includes the Cuisine & Cargo challenge missions that you can play on your PC already.