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Dying Light developer Techland Officially becomes Video Game Publisher

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Techland, the developer studio of Dead Island and Dying Light, announced that it will also distribute video games. This will begin with the launch of two major multiplatform titles each year.

Techland Video Game Publisher

In addition, Techland will also distribute 4 digital titles each year. According to the company, they are already exploring opportunities in this market, and intends to announce the first game to be published soon.

“As a developer, we have worked with many renowned publishers in the past so we know first-hand what makes these kinds of collaborations efficient and satisfying for both parties,” said CEO of Techland Pawel Marchewka.

“After the successful promotional campaigns for Dying Light and Dying Light: The Following, led by our own dedicated team, we believe this is the perfect time to use everything we’ve learned and help other developers,” explained Marchewka.

So, for now we will have to wait and see the titles that begin distributing by Techland, founded in 1991 and until 2006 was focused only on PC games.

In related information, we know that Techland is working on two new games. The first will be a new IP based on an open fantasy world with RPG elements. The second game, the company did not want to talk about it, but we assume that it is Dying Light 2. As for the date of disclosure of these 2 games, Marchewka said he hoped the new IP and mysterious game comes in “within three years”, so we should expect to see these projects at that time.