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Techland: Dying Light 2 Duration “Almost Impossible To Tell”; 15 or 50 Hours Long?

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Next year, on a date still pending for confirmation, the Polish studio Techland will put on sale the second installment of its successful series of Dying Light on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. The title, called Dying Light 2, will offer some news about its predecessor, one of them being the implementation of a dialogue wheel that will serve to make the story branch and offer all kinds of variations based on the decisions we make.

This option will give more depth and allow the users of Dying Light 2 to live a unique experience, either through their game or that of other users through the cooperative. Now, how long the work of Techland will last is unknown? However, one of its best-known members spoke about it.

Tymon Smektala, the chief designer at Techland, has spoken about this issue in an interview with the Gamingbolt, commenting that: “In a game like this it’s almost impossible to tell. I can give you a number but that will be just one of the possible playthroughs. So, you can play this game for, let’s say 15 hours or 50 hours and you will reach the same point. But the road to that point will be different. In Dying Light 2 you will get even more from your investment because of the various versions of this world; because of the various directions the narrative can take; and because the things we have in multiplayer you’ll get plenty of variety for your 60 bucks.”

The studio is not able to give a specific figure, but it does ensure that the money invested in the game will be worth it. Additionally, Mr. Smektala wanted to offer some details about the combat in Dying Light 2, which will continue to be focused on hand-to-hand combat with physical weapons as well as the first one.

Of course, we will see developments in this aspect, such as arcs or crossbows to enhance the gameplay and offer all kinds of options to players. It is to imagine that we will also see firearms in the same way as there were in the first title, where their use was not precisely recommended as the noise attracted zombies.

Recall that Dying Light will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.