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Dusty Raging Fist confirmed to launch on Nintendo Switch

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As you may recall, just a few weeks ago it was reported that the official site of the Japanese BitSummit event had listed Dusty Raging Fist for Nintendo Switch. Today we have been able to know that the title will finally arrive on the hybrid console of Nintendo.

Dusty Raging Fist is confirmed officially to launch on Nintendo Switch. In terms of characters, there will be 3 main (Dusty, Darg and Kitsune) and 2 in support during the boss fights, according to the developers. The story revolves around an ancient evil that threatens the city of Double Bill.

The official Twitter account of the game has been in charge of confirming this information. They have shared that they will show the game in BitSummit, although for the moment they point out that they can not share a release date.

As we may recall, the first news of the title came in 2013, when the title was expected to come to Wii U. Here are the details that have been shared about this promising game:

“When the occurence of the dark moons began, Dusty, Darg and Kitsune knew that something is amiss. An ancient evil from a faraway land threatens the peace of Double Bill Town. Prompted by a visit from the helpless Elijah, the trio set off to seek the Iron Knight’s help. Along the way, they have to battle rogue villains, encounter ancient powers and face the battle of their lives.”

– Co-op Play of up to 3 Players
– Dynamic Combat System
– 3 playable beat’em up characters, and 2 combat support characters.
– Utilize your combat support characters (Artillery & Sniper) to aid you in combat.
– Collect, utilize and summon powerful Guardians and Elemental Powers.
– Stylistic 2D artwork and animation.
– Crazy boss fights to make your day.