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A key part of investigating any semi-truck accident is investigating the parties involved the truck accident.

At Zehl & Associates, Our truck accident attorney investigate and take action against all parties whose negligence contributed to your injuries during a truck accident, including:


Delivering freight could be a business of tight deadlines. everybody within the organization, from supervisors to executives, might rank very cheap line at the expense of their drivers’ – and the public’s – safety.

Negligence on the half of the shipping company might involve:

  • Requiring drivers to figure on the far side the mandated hours of service limits
  • Coercing drivers to stay inaccurate service and maintenance logs
  • Hiring unqualified or inexperienced drivers who don’t have correct licensure
  • Failing to screen drivers for alcohol and drug use or medical conditions that will compromise their ability to control rigs safely
  • Not providing drivers with correct training
  • Failing to carry the right sort and amounts of insurance coverage

These actions might not be obvious at the scene of the crash, and therefore the hauling firms can create every effort to hide their tracks. Zehl & Associates will perform a comprehensive investigation to unravel the role company negligence might have played within the truck accident.


With 18-wheelers traveling thousands of miles every year, routine maintenance and replacement of worn out elements is crucial to the safe operation of any truck. If the truck accident was the results of a tire blowout or alternative failure regarding negligence in maintenance and repairs, you’ll be entitled to damages from the individual or company that services the rig.


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Trucks might visit multiple businesses and distribution centers within the course of a drag. As the crews work to load and unload freight, it’s vital for them to exercise caution in distributing the burden and securing things so that they don’t shift in transit.

Trailers with uneven distribution of weight are in danger of tipping over, doubtless onto a vehicle on either aspect of the rig. Shifting masses might cause the truck to jackknife or cause freight to fall out into the road.

One of the key factor’s investigators can assess is that the role of unsecured or poorly balanced loads within the truck accident. Our lawyers can review these reports and gather additional proof to confirm that the party who loaded the truck is command accountable.


Defective vehicle components will play a significant role in truck accidents. The failure of a vicinity on the tractor or trailer (or both) will cause the driving force to lose management of the vehicle, leading to a wreck.

Like with hauling companies and alternative parties, several of whom have billions of greenbacks and groups of lawyers on their aspect, Zehl & Associates sharply litigates against negligent firms that manufacture and sell defective hauling elements. We have partnership with groups of specialists to investigate what happened, then take action on your behalf.


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