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DriveClub PS4 Patch 1.11 download available next week

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DriveClub is a free racing game on PS4. This game is having too many flaws when it was out. Now Evolution Studios is working on a new patch that might add more new things with a lot more fixes in the game. The patch is going to be released this month around 24th or 26th February.

The patch will be providing two different benefits. At one side you can get a more better and improved gameplay while on the other side you can also find a few new features. The update is not yet finalized and there is more than a week left for roll out. Team Time Trial is the highlight of this new patch. It is a kind of new multiplayer gaming mode where you get a few extra add-ons and improvements.

Players will be getting two new version of Kobago track in this. And there will be a few extra add-ons to boost your racing speed. The game was released last year around October. After that this will be the first updated patch be coming out. The game was released with many bugs and this was openly accepted by Sony.

There were lots of server related problem that cause issue in the gameplay. Sometime the game was not at all playable. This reduces players interest in it. You can find detailed information on what things this patch is going to provide.

Details of upcoming DriveClub Patch:

  • New Multiplayer mode “Team Time Trial” with two extra Kobago Tracks
  • Relief on Stars requirement for progressing to new level. For example after update you will only need 8 starts to go in the second stage and around 22 to enter in the final.
  • More car customization options.
  • Turn on Rev Counter in the cockpit view
  • And many other minor fixes that might enhance the gameplay.
  • VUHL 05 Support.
  • Midnight Tour Pack Support.
  • Downforce Expansion Pack support. This pack will give you a few new cars like Ferrari F50, SRT Viper GTS, etc. The pack also brings up more new events and around 5 more trophies.