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Dreams Early Access Has More Than 100000 Users on PS4

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Currently, the editor of Dreams is available, but later it will be launched with a story mode created by Media Molecule.

Dreams has been available for two months as Early Access on PlayStation 4. Before its official launch, which will feature a story mode created by Media Molecule, you can get your editor and try the creations of other users. According to reports, the community would already have at least 100,000 users.

The figure has not been made official by the developer or Sony, but all new creators can start the game following the official account of the studio, MmDreamQueen, which is now followed by 100,351 users. The actual number of users would be greater, because any player can stop following the account with ease.

After its last major update, Media Molecule has announced that from now on it will have faster, more consistent and more substantive updates. “We recognize that in a living, an evolving game like Dreams that waiting a whole month for updates can feel like forever. So, from now on, we’ll be updating Dreams more frequently with little changes and tweaks in-between our major content drops. You’ll see what we mean this month as we make some improvements to sorting, discover-ability and more,” the company concluded on its official blog.