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Dreamcasthub starts a petition to bring Shenmue 3 on Nintendo Switch

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A collection of Shenmue fans have launched a petition to convince YS Net to bring Shenmue III on Nintendo Switch. According to the authors, the new console of Nintendo is a bold platform that comes into the picture to change the rules of the game, just like the SEGA Dreamcast, hence the desire to have the third episode of Shenmue on Switch.

If you are interested, you can sign the petition by clicking here, at the time of writing the supporters are few but the figure is certainly destined to grow in the coming hours.

Once it reaches a good number of signatures, the document will be sent to the attention of YS Net to demonstrate the interest of the community against Shenmue III for Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this year a trade mark was registered for the potential remastered versions of the first two parts of Shenmue, but it has now reached a more concrete expression to the existence of the project. A source close to Atlus USA has held that Shenmue 1 and 2 will soon be remastered and will be part of the same package, although it is not known for which platforms (presumably PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but it is early to say).

Their release is scheduled for 2017. They will be preparatory to the launch of Shenmue 3, which apparently will roll over to 2018 (although there is no confirmation of this). In fact there are plenty of players who have not played the first two part of Shenmue despite its critical acclaim. This is why the third chapter had to take the road of crowdfunding to become reality.

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