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Dreamcast Emulator WinDCe10 for Xbox One coming this summer

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The opening of the development of applications for Xbox One to all programmers that have some application to get to the platform of Universal Platform Windows, has allowed many applications to arrive on the Xbox Store and the Windows Store. One of the fashions that has been imposed is to get emulators to run games of classic hardware.

However, the situation of these emulators on a platform like Xbox One has been a controversial point that, in general, has forced Microsoft to have to remove them from the store of Xbox. This has not dissuaded the emulator manager like NesBox, or that of PSP, which has confirmed the development of a new emulator for this summer.

Far from having finished with any of these emulators, XB1EMU.COM warns that it is still working on them and getting new updates. But the news is focused on its new proposal, which aims to arrive on Xbox One this summer with the name of WinDCe10. While the problem of being able to publish it in the Xbox Store continues, there has been an alternative procedure to avoid re-eliminating these applications.

As it has been announced, the plan is to carry out an initial download that later requires an activation through a web that will require a small donation to assist in the development. From that donation, a link will be offered to the product that will be downloaded in a developer edition, Dev Mode. It is not known if they will try to launch this product through the Xbox Store, but they will try to make it through summer.