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Drawn to Death abandons the free-to-play model


With a post on the PlayStation Blog, David Jaffe, designer of Drawn to Death, announced that the game will abandon the model of free-to-play/Limited Access, opting instead for a more traditional launch as a paid title.


The game designer David Jaffe has officially announced that Drawn to Death will not be a free to play game, the title will be launched on the market and sold with the classic formula for a fee.

Jaffe wanted to point out, however, that this does not affect the nature of the game, which will remain based on the skills and abilities of the player. However, the players will continue to experience the skill-based on hardcore shooter/brawler hybrids that the developers had in mind from the beginning.

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It will then be for sale for a Day-One package for Drawn to Death, which will include six characters, levels and modes, visible in the pictures above. The developers will also offer ten unique maps, including Alientown, Bloodbath and Flood. Players can also expect 26 different weapons and six game modes.

In addition, two mysterious systems called Volcano God and Sphynx will be integrated into the game, which are used to unlock a variety of in-game prizes and abilities.

Finally, the designer said that in the coming days more details will be announced about the game, including the official announcement of the release date.

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