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Psychological Thriller Draugen Launches on May 29 on PC

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Through a recent release, Red Thread Games announced that its psychological thriller Draugen finally has a release date. The game will release on PC starting May 29 and will put the player in the role of Edward Charles Harden and his company Lissie in search of Betty, the man’s sister.

For the occasion, the developers also published the background of the two protagonists of the work:

“Edward Charles Harden has spent his entire life in a grand old house in Hanover, Massachusetts, alone with the dusty furniture, a vast collection of insects, and a thousand books. His only living relative is his younger sister, Elizabeth, whom he adores. She’s the light of his life, though they see each other rarely. When Elizabeth goes missing on a trip to Norway, Edward must brave the world outside for the first time in many years.”

“Alice is an adventurous and spirited young woman who accompanies Edward on his journey to Norway to find his missing sister. Born near Boston, Massachusetts, Lissie grew up in a middle-class home where she was mostly ignored and forgotten. Her solitary games and exploits took her farther and farther from home – much to her family’s disapproval. When her parents passed, she became Edward’s ward.”

Draugen is a first-person adventure that explores secrets and lies that hide beneath picturesque surfaces, in a beautiful Norway of 1920. The player will have to take on the role of Edward Harden in search of his missing sister. Draugen is much more than a simple search for a woman, it’s a story about an unusual friendship, a family full of dark secrets and a man tormented by his past.

Draugen will be available from May 29 on PC, check out the official website here. What do you think about this game? Do you plan to embark on this journey? Tell us in the comments below.